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Ruagra Benefits

Ruagra is a Sildenafil Citrate based generic drug which is becoming more popular among men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is available in drugstores and online pharmacies for affordable prices and can be obtained easily without prescription (in several countries doctor’s consultation is obligatory before purchasing one). In this brief post we will list the Ruagra advantages which have made it a popular and reliable medication for ED treatment.

The Effect
Ruagra works fast (10-20 min after administration) and has a long lasting effect. Irrespective of the ED reason, it leads to strong and hard erection (the active ingredient increases the blood flow in vessels thus supplying more blood to corpora cavernosa). The erection will take place only in case the patient is sexually aroused. The nerves, muscles and blood vessels need to work together for this, hence Ruagra will not cause random erections.

Low Cost
Ruagra is a low priced ED treatment medication. It is a Viagra generic, thus it includes the same active ingredient that the brand name does. Being a generic drug doesn’t mean to be less efficient or harmful. The price for generics can be only 50% and less of the original drug price, simply because the manufacturer doesn’t need to invest money into the pill research, testing and expensive advertising. Nowadays, internet shops can offer the lowest prices in the pharmaceutical market for generics. Thus, buying Ruagra online you save your money without saving on your health.

The drug has been reported to cause side effects, although these are very rare. Slight side effects include facial flushing, stomach upset, headache, dizziness etc. More severe ones should be taken seriously, especially if they last for more than four hours (swelling, breathing problems, rashes etc.)

The drug performs amazing effect and has a long lasting action only in case it is administered in a proper way. The patient must also take into account possible drug interactions, contraindications etc before taking any ED pills.

Let's state the most common suggestions on Ruagra treatment:

  • The pill comes in different dosage (50, 100 mg, for instance); it is essential to choose the dose perfect for your particular case. Usually, 50mg pills are prescribed. For severe ED cases or long term impotence 100 mg are assigned.
  • If the patient has any kind of heart or kidney disease, doctor’s consultation is strictly recommended.
  • The drug should not be used simultaneously with other ED treatment pills or medications with nitrate constituents.

To learn more about contraindications and warnings referred to the drug, address your therapist or a nurse. Put your health first.

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