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Double Action of Tadapox

Tadapox is a combination of two powerful active ingredients in one pill (Tadalafil 20 mg + Dapoxetine 60 mg, http://www.best-pharma.com/product/tadapox.html). The first substance is responsible for strong long lasting erection while the second tackles the problem of premature ejaculation. Get to know more about Tadapox action and its basic medical facts when reading this brief post.

Tapadox comes in form of yellow round shaped tablets scored on one side which are taken orally with a glass of water. Though it can be taken with other beverages, water was proven to be the best liquid to dissolve the drug without interaction. The drug needs approximately 20 minutes to start working after administration. Within this time the stomach juices break the pill and its components enter the system. Then the blood carries them to the pelvic area helping men to achieve and maintain hard erection. To see the pill in action the patient should be sexually aroused first, the drug does not cause the desire, but helps to embody it.

Warnings and Precautions

Tadalafil and Dapoxetine are very strong substances which can lead to allergic reactions. Patients should check whether they are intolerant to any of the drug constituents before starting ED treatment. Most men do not report any side effects, although the most frequently observed are flushing, headache, body ache, drowsiness and others. If any of these last for more than four hours, contact your doctor or seek for medical help.

Here’s a list of several additional facts regarding Cialis with Dapoxetine you may find useful and interesting:
  • The drug is developed to treat impotence and prevent premature secretion of the seminal fluid. It is not designed for improving men’s performance (when the patient is totally healthy). It should not be taken by women and those under 18.
  • Never take the pill if you are dehydrated.
  • The pill can be taken either after a light meal or on empty stomach.
  • The dosage is assigned by the doctor and should not be abused or changed by the patient.
  •  It is better not to mix Tadapox with excessive alcohol and grapefruit juice. These can interact and postpone the drug action.

The drug can cause dizziness and loss of concentration, hence men should avoid performing heavy tasks and driving when taking these pills.

Tadapox for Men’s Health

Tapadox is a unique ED treatment drug which features two potent ingredients within one tablet. The yellow round shaped tablet of Tapadox contains 60 mg of Dapoxetine and 20 mg of Tadalafil. The pill has also a score on one side so that it can be easily split in two. In this article we are going to dwell upon the action of this innovative medication and its basic pharmaceutical properties.

Taking Tapadox
The drug comes in tablets which are taken orally. The dosage can be lowered or increased by the doctor. For those who are hypersensitive to any of the drug constituents the smallest dose is prescribed, while for those who suffer from severe forms of erectile dysfunction or has a long term impotence the full dose is assigned. The dosage can be changed depending on your body reaction.

Warnings and Precautions
The drug includes lactose constituents, thus it must be avoided by those who are intolerant to it. The drug should not be mixed with excessive amount of alcohol. The combination of liquor and the drug can increase your chances to suffer from headache, dizziness, irregular heartbeat or lowered blood pressure. It is also recommended to avoid eating grapefruits and drinking grapefruit juice before taking Tapadox, since these can interact.

There are also certain groups of drugs which should be avoided when taking Cialis with Dapoxetine, these are:
  • nitrates;
  • alpha-blockers;
  • recreational drugs etc.
To learn the whole list of possible interaction read the drug package label or get your health care provider’s consultation.

Side Effects
The most frequent side effects referred to Tapadox are muscle ache, headache, dizziness, stomach upset etc. These disappear fast and do not require any medical attention. Although, if you notice any severe changes in your body or allergic reaction occurs, contact your doctor and seek for medical help. Sometimes side effects may appear in 10-12 hours after Tapadox administration and can last up to 48 hrs. If pain remains get a consultation from a therapist.

Store the pills at room temperature ( 59 - 86 F; 15 - 30 C) away from animals and children. The drug is designed for men only. It should not be taken by women and persons under 18. The information given in this article is only basic facts which do not cover full list of directions, contraindications, side effects and precautions. We recommend you to get your physician’s advice each time you decide to start taking any kind of drugs, even over the counter ones.
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Cheap Cialis Basic Facts

Erectile dysfunction in men can be caused by reasons of different nature (physiological, moral etc.), but irrespective of the root of the problem, the pharmaceutical market nowadays can offer a wide variety of drugs treating impotence of mild, moderate and severe forms. These can be expensive brand name pills or generics, like Cheap Cialis. In this brief post we are going to share some general information about the generic: its active ingredient, proper administration, side effects and contraindications.

The Active Ingredient
Tadalafil is an active ingredient of Cheap Cialis. It helps men to gain stable and long lasting erection by inhibiting a certain enzyme type which is responsible for vasoconstriction. In simple terms, Tadalafil increases the blood flow to the penis. The active ingredient of the generic drug is the same that used for brand name drugs manufacture.

The pill is taken orally with a glass of water approximately 30-60 min before making love. Never exceed the prescribed dose (usually, one pill per day). It can be taken either on empty stomach or after a meal. In case of overdose contact the nearest poison control center and get immediate medical help.

Side Effects
Cheap Cialis can cause side effects. As a rule, most men are tolerant towards them, although if severe changes occur, the patient should report them to his therapist. These include: breathing problems, chest pain, swelling, allergic reactions, irregular heartbeat. The minor side effects must be also taken seriously if they last for more than four hours: flushing, headache, dizziness, muscle aches, stomach upset etc.

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If the patient suffers from kidney or liver conditions, has a history of heart attack or stroke, has unbalanced blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems, he must take Tadalafil based drugs under his therapist’s supervision.

Those, who take drugs on a regular basis must check if they interact with Cheap Cialis before starting ED treatment. The following are the examples of the medicines which should not be mixed with Cialis:

  • drugs for blood pressure balancing;
  • medicines for HIV and AIDS treatment;
  • medications used to treat seizures (phenytoin, phenobarbital etc.);
  • drugs for yeast and fungal infections (ketoconazole, fluconazole, voriconazole etc.);
  • pills for prostate conditions.

Cheap Cialis FAQ

Nowadays pharmaceutical market is full of various ED treatment pills, both brand names and generic. However, many people still can not tell the difference between former and latter. The appearance of cheap yet effective pills always raises a lot of customer questions. In this article we are going to answer the most frequent ones as well as dwell upon Cheap Cialis being one of the most popular generic drugs all over the world used for impotence treatment in men.

Why Is It Cheap?
One of the most frequently asked questions about Cheap Cialis is its price. The low price of a generic can be easily explained. When the patent of the brand name drug expires, the original manufacturer is obliged to uncover the formula of the newly developed drug in order to avoid monopoly on the pharmaceutical market. Thus, new manufacturers don’t need to get a patent, conduct researches and testing, invest money into high cost advertisement etc. All this makes the low price of any generic drug. The price of the Cheap Cialis doesn’t affect the quality of its action, since the active ingredient is the same that is in the original drug.
Shall I Get a Physician’s Consultation Before Taking Cheap Cialis?
If you are a health conscious person, we recommend you to get your health care provider’s consultation each time you decide to take any kind of pills, even over the counter ones. The doctor will help you with diagnosis, perfect dosage, will warn you about possible side effects and contraindications. In case you take any kind of pills on a regular basis ask your doctor about their interaction with Cialis to be on the safe side.

How to Use the Drug?
The pills are taken orally with a glass of water once a day. The optimal time of administration is 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The drug can be taken either on empty stomach or after a meal. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Like many other ED treatment drugs, Cheap Cialis may cause various side effects. There are slight ones (like nausea, dizziness, facial flushing and nasal congestion) and severe (swelling, breathing problems, fast irregular heartbeat). In case of the latter contact your doctor and seek for medical help immediately.

This brief post provides only general data regarding Cheap Cialis. To know more about the drug address your doctor or a nurse and read the label of the pill thoroughly.

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Advantages of Cialis Daily

Low dose Cialis is a perfect option for men who suffer from long term erectile dysfunction. It is a unique medication which helps to achieve the best results at any time of the day and gives you freedom of spontaneous sex. This and other benefits of the newly formulated pill has already made it very popular among men looking for optimal impotence treatment. Read further to get to know what are the advantages of this amazing drug.

The drug starts to work on the fourth or fifth day of ongoing administration. The drug must be taken every day at the same time. This regime will free you from counting hours and minutes before making love (similar pills must be taken 30-60 min before sexual intercourse). Moreover, the drug stays in your body for two days and more after a single tablet intake. If a person suffers from liver and kidney conditions, the pill may stay in the body a bit longer.

Low dose Cialis can be taken by men of all ages irrespective of their ED severity. It is also a great option for those who are diagnosed diabetes, high blood pressure and other health conditions related to the cardiovascular system. The dose of the active ingredient is very small and cannot lead to severe reactions like full dose ED treatment pills can.

The medicine comes in two forms: 2.5mg and 5 mg per pill. For those who have never tried ED treatment medicines, as a rule, 2.5mg tablets are assigned. However, the dosage can be increased up to 5mg in case the smaller dose doesn’t work for you. Both tablets are proven to show high efficiency for men with slight, moderate and severe forms of impotence. The tablet can be taken both after meal and on the empty stomach. In case you miss your usual time to take a tablet, consume it as soon as possible.

Drug Interaction
Low dose Cialis may interact with certain drugs. Make sure that the drugs you are currently taking (even over the counter ones) are safe when mixed with ED treatment.

Thus, Cialis for daily usage is a permanent solution for those who are going to have regular sex and don’t want to worry about counting minutes and other kinds of discomfort. Besides strong and long lasting erection these pills will also improve your self confidence and moral state.

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